LED Christamas Light
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RGB LED String Light - Model: AA-String-A

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Christmas string light sparkle every part of holiday decorating.christmas string come in a multitude of colors,and sizes,and can be used for holiday occasion,including weddings,parties,parades,and businesses,Christmas lights help keep the holidays bright and festive,and add brilliance to any decorating area.

1. Bulb amount:10LED,30LED,50LED,70LED,100LED,150LED,200LED ETC
2. Voltage;12V,24V,110V,220V,solar,battery powered
3. Total length:2M,3M,4M,5M,6M,7M,10M,15M,20M,OEM
4. Light sapcing:3.5”4”6”8”10”12”OEM
Type :Super bright LEDwire/cord/cable color:white,green,black,brown,transparent etc
Light color:warm white,cool white,red,green,blue,yellow,orange,plink,purple etc

1. no heat and could be touched
2. life more than 50000 hours
Low energy consumption:saving about arties,85% of energy onsumed by traditional lights

Decorating gardens,patio,christmas trees,holiday etc
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RGB LED String Light
RGB LED String Light